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Getting started at Oil & Gas Profile

  • Certify Your Experience

    Peers and co-workers authenticate your project experience and validate your expertise. Our system ensures certification comes only from your eligible network. This safeguard adds trust and confidence to your professional information online.

  • Get Recommendations

    Have you ever worried that your references might get tired of writing letters and taking phone calls to answer questions about you? On Oil&Gas Profile, once your references are identified, confirmed, and certified, your recommendations will be securely stored where they can be found online anytime.

  • Consolidate Your Self-Brand

    Oil&Gas Professionals, managers, and decision-makers will be interested to view information about you available online. By relying on certified & industry-generated testimony as opposed to simple self-declaration, your self-brand continues to grow side-by-side with your career.

  • Strengthen Your Image

    Your profile is backed by our certifications and the Oil & Gas Profile Guarantee. The industry recognize our brand , and they will have the confidence knowing that your information is an authentic and credible representation of your expertise.

  • Share Success on Projects

    Today’s oil & gas teams cross organizational boundaries, bringing together staff and consultants who share a common mission on site. With Oil & Gas Profile, your can post your contribution on our project wiki. Be recognized for your part of the success.

  • Browse & Grow the Project Wiki

    The Project Wiki represents a library of others’ expertise, experience, and collaboration. Read and learn about others to help you develop and grow. The Wiki also makes sure that the best in the industry are recognized and rewarded for their dedication to oil & gas.

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Our mission: Restore confidence at the heart of recruiting in oil & gas, through a unique experience certification label

Link professionals

Create a link between recruiters and job seekers in oil & gas
Build a network of trusted & certified oil & gas professionals


Promote industry professionals’ expertise through a unique certification badge
Standardise and improve the quality of candidates work experience information


Restore confidence at the heart of recruiting with trustworthy information
Optimise the recruiting experience with an easier and faster screening process